"I am responsible for myself and my actions; I shall conduct myself honorably, and live a clean and frugal life. I have responsibilities to my fellow citizens. I shall be loyal to them, and humble, because we are elements of a greater whole, and without them I am nothing, I have responsibilities to our society; I shall understand and respect my place in it, defend it, and work to make it prosperous, so that I may receive society's protection, and that we may hand on safety and prosperity to future generations."
— The Octus Canon, founding principles of the COG, as handed down by the Allfathers, and recited by every citizen.


The Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) was a supranational global alliance on the planet Sera. Headquartered in the Tyran capital of Ephyra, the COG comprised almost every nation on the planet prior to Emergence Day.
The COG originated as a socialist political faction theorized by Alexiy Desipich and founded by Nassar Embry and the Allfathers. Prior to and during the Gold Rush, during which Imulsion was discovered, the COG was a relatively minor political movement, and eventually grew into a larger, yet still minor faction. Following the Gold Rush, the discovery of the Lightmass Process came with a worldwide golden age. After some years, some nations took near total control of the Imulsion business, which left some nations with a weakening economy. This resulted in the subsequent commencement of the Pendulum Wars, which lasted for eighty long years.

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